Airwaves Plus Fund Recipients & Applications Open

Earlier this year Iceland Airwaves announced the Airwaves Fund. The Airwaves Fund is a new initiative, created by Iceland Airwaves to support and foster new talent from Iceland.

“For many Icelandic artists, Iceland Airwaves represents the one of the first key steps in their careers,” explains Ísleifur Thorhallsson, Festival Director. “We wanted to show our commitment to new Icelandic talent by helping them beyond the festival itself and onto the next steps of their career, whatever they may be.”


This year, a portion of every Airwaves Plus (Iceland Airwaves ticket upgrade) was allocated to the fund to go towards three local acts playing Iceland Airwaves for the first time.


The three bands were chosen as such: one by public vote, one by a selection of local and international and industry experts, and one by the Iceland Airwaves team.


The three recipients for the Airwaves Fund for 2019 are as follows:








Each band will receive an equal amount of 350.000 ISK each, which can be used to support them in the next steps towards their career; whether it’s recording costs, marketing costs, travel costs or other. The total of the fund for 2019 is 1.050.000 ISK.


Congrats to them!


Applications now open


Iceland Airwaves has a long standing reputation for uncovering the best new talent from Iceland and around the world. Many artists have gone on to receive international success across all genres.


Applications for 2020 are now open!


You can apply to play at the links below, or forward this to the band you would love to see with a little wink and a nudge.




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