Airwaves Plus upgrade is back!

After selling out the Airwaves Plus allocation two weeks ago, we’ve managed to shuffle some things around, shave some bears, sharpen some pencils and eat a whole bag of rotten shark, and we’ve managed to squeeze out an extra (but very limited) allocation of Airwaves Plus upgrades.

What is Airwaves Plus?

It’s an add-on to your regular ticket. Anyone can buy the add-on, as long as you already have a normal ticket. The Plus ticket gives you deep discounts (20%) off great food and drink all over Reykjavík, as well as shopping and experiences. You also get to go in the express queue, have a dedicated customer support person answering all your your questions (please don’t ask them at what time the northern lights start) and a goodie bag with stuff in it! No rotten shark, we promise.

What kind of discounts are there?

We have over 20 food and drink places, a record shop, the coolest Icelandic apparel, lava tunnel and more experiences and also, airport transportation! All the things you need, or want, or both.

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