Finland Electronic Indie
Saturday Nov 4 23:20 - 23:59
KEX 1st floor NÝLÓ
Official Program - Wristband Needed
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VIRTA, founded in 2011 by childhood friends Erik Fräki (drums, percussion, vocals, electronics), Antti Hevosmaa (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals, electronics) and Heikki Selamo (guitar, bass, lap steel, vocals, electronics), has released two critically acclaimed albums Tales from the Deep Waters (Tourist Information, 2012) and Hurmos (Svart Records, 2016). After being in metamorphosis for the past years, the trio released their long awaited third album Horros on October 6th, 2023.

With Horros, Virta build on and take into new terrain the questing, jazz-tinged electroacoustic adventures of their last album, 2016’s Hurmos, and its predecessor, 2012 debut Tales From Deep Waters. Still recognisable as who they were, the Virta of 2023 now delves further than ever before into their inner world to craft their most affecting, most atmospheric and most cinematic music to date while staying emotionally resonant.