Daði Freyr

Iceland Pop
Saturday Nov 4 23:00 - 23:59
Official Program - Wristband Needed
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Daði Freyr, the Icelandic icon, has released his highly-anticipated album “I Made An Album.” Known for his infectious electropop and dry humor, Daði’s music exudes genuine good feelings that make you want to dance. His musical journey started with influences from his musical family and the pop-rock sounds of Stevie Wonder and Sting. After discovering electronic music, he studied music production in Berlin. Eurovision played a significant role in his career, propelling him to fame with the viral hit “Think About Things.” Representing Iceland in Eurovision 2021 further solidified his fan base. With “I Made An Album,” Daði showcases his signature sound and explores themes of self-discovery. Having already sold out multiple shows across Europe and the US, Daði Freyr’s music has captivated audiences worldwide. Get ready to bring out your dancing shoes as Daði Freyr returns to perform in Iceland for the first time in years.