Matilda Lyn

Sweden Indie Pop Singer-songwriter
Friday Nov 3 21:20 - 22:00
KEX 1st floor NÝLÓ
Official Program - Wristband Needed
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Matilda Lyn has an uncanny knack for putting concise and wry words to the aches and pains of coming of age. Born and raised in Gothenburg, Matilda caught the producing bug during her time at Sweden’s prestigious Musik Makarna school, the foremost songwriting academy in Europe. In creating her own brand of intricate, ethereal pop, her music is wholly introspective and relatable, marked by Matilda’s unique ability to juxtapose her own sugary sweet vocals with more dissonant and surprising instrumental elements. An assured and accomplished songwriter, musician, vocalist and producer, Matilda Lyn’s debut EP, A Bowl of Unripe Fruit, out on Nov 3 2023.