Iceland Airwaves 2021

Downtown Reykjavík Nov 3-6

Reykjavík’s central bus terminal BSÍ is no longer only the most miserable location you can find in all Iceland – it’s also finally reincarneted and praised as the name of a very new band.
While people still wonder if BSÍ actually stands for Brussels Sprouts Intl., it’s at least sure that this one is a rumbling and rolling two-piece, made up of Sigurlaug Thorarensen and Julius Rothlaender.
Their spirit of DIY, Krútt pönk and downtown worries & sorrows is set to conquer 101 Reykjavíkand beyond!
Riot Grrrls are back in town!

The band’s first EP was released in fall 2018 in the form of a 7” vinyl via Tomatenplatten/Berlin and Why Not? plötur/Reykjavík, followed up by a song on Post-dreifing’s Drullumall #2 compilation.
Since then BSÍ played several concerts and festivals in Iceland and Europe and started the year 2020 with working on new songs and recordings, that they look forward to share with listeners soon.

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