dj. flugvel og geimskip

Iceland Airwaves 2021

Downtown Reykjavík Nov 3-6

dj. flugvel og geimskip (aka Airplane & Spaceship) is a one-person orchestra of Steinunn Hardardottir that draws influences from a thousand worlds. Defined as electronic horror-music with a space twist, the music is a mix of playful beats, cool bass, catchy melodies and joyfully off-kilter vocals. Her live performances are colourful and poetic and her music deals with alien worlds, mysteries, dreams and dangers of the night. Her concerts are like a strange blend of music, horror stories, poetry and theatre. The audience is left feeling like they are in a vivid dream or have travelled to outer space.
dj. flugvél og geimskip’s fourth record “Our Atlantis” (out January 18, 2019) is about your own personal choice to decide your own world view. Each and everyone of us lives to a large extent in the world we have created for ourselves, the music on the record ties together the vastness and splendour of space, the mysterious depths of the ocean, and the freedom to form our own opinions.

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