Pale Moon

Iceland Airwaves 2021

Downtown Reykjavík Nov 3-6

Pale Moon, a rising star in the indie-rock scene, is a new project of Árni Gudjonsson and Natalia Sushchenko.

Although they draw inspiration from classic rock era musicians like The Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac, they certainly have a modern dreamy psychedelic sound to them. Their strong debut EP with a single titled “Exile” bridges the generation gap from 60’s psychedelia, to today’s indie rock and pop craze. They mastered that laid-back atmosphere with “Waiting for the Sun” and “Everything is Alright”, two other tracks on the release.

In 2019 fueled with enthusiasm Árni and Nata decided to take the project further and started working full-time on recording the album. Marked to release in 2020 Pale Moon is preparing for their first LP and a tour in Europe. That means you will hear a whole new set at Iceland Airwaves 2020 too.

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