Daughters of Reykjavík

Iceland Airwaves 2021

Downtown Reykjavík Nov 3-6

The group originally grew out of a female rap night in Reykjavik, which started a safe space for aspiring femcees to share ideas, have fun and perform. After a series of popular nights that bonded the girls together in a collective of 20+ members, local media began referring to them as “the daughters of Reykjavik”.

Outside of music they draw from a diverse range of personal and professional experience. By bringing together a sex therapist, glacier guide, actresses, gay night club owner, radio host, graphic designer, sound engineer and more, they’re able to articulate and connect on a variety of topics and enjoy using their platform to shock and be coarse one minute, and charming and sexy the next.

They have gone from telling the prime minister to “suck my clit” on national television to winning MME Awards at Eurosonic, which shows that above everything, Daughters of Reykjavik stand to inspire girls to have the freedom to do whatever, say whatever, and be whoever they want.

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