Iceland Airwaves 2021

Downtown Reykjavík Nov 3-6

Sævar Helgi Jóhannsson, a.k.a. S.hel, is usually found in front of wall of electronic devices. Merging soundscapes, fine-tuning compositions, fusing them all to create something ethereal.​

He is both a rythmically and classically trained pianist and is currently studying music composition at LHÍ (Iceland University of the Arts)

He often looks to theater, films and books, not to mention other creative individuals for inspiration and fuel. With his “can do” attitude Sævar has taken on a variety of different projects but his main aspiration is to write music for films, TV-shows, advertisements etc.

S.hel released his EP “Lucid” 2018 and is currently working on his LP “Disconnect” set to be released on 28th March 2020 (Piano Day).

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