Iceland Airwaves 2021

Downtown Reykjavík Nov 3-6

Icelandic Black Metal band Sinmara was formed in 2008 and has gone on to become one of the most highly regarded bands in modern underground Black Metal, and one of the main pillars of the Icelandic Black Metal movement considered by many to be one of the genre’s most relevant and influential scenes.

Sinmara’s long anticipated sophomore album ‘Hvísl Stjarnanna’ was released in early 2019 by esteemed German label Ván Records. ‘Hvísl Stjarnanna’ further perfects Sinmara’s present style of Black Metal which merges modernity and tradition, dissonance and atmosphere, the transcendent and the nightmarish.

Already a hardened live band, the album’s success catapulted the band towards performing at countless festivals in Europe, Iceland and the United States.

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