Iceland Airwaves 2021

Downtown Reykjavík Nov 3-6

Svala is an award winning Icelandic singer and songwriter. She had her first number one hit at 9 years old. Her first worldwide single “The Real Me” became a top 30 hit on the Billboard charts North America in 2001, launching her career also as a respected songwriter and lyricist. Svala formed the electronic band Steed Lord in 2006 and has toured all over the world with her amazing stage performance. In 2015 she became a judge of the hugely succesful worldwide tv show The Voice in Iceland. Svala co-wrote the song “Paper” which won the icelandic entry for Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 and competed in Kiev the same year in Eurovision. In 2018 Svala signed a solo artist deal with Sony in Denmark and has since released new music and music videos. Her new EP album is a deeply personal musical journal and is the first time Svala co-writes and releases a strictly icelandic speaking album in her long career. Album is called Sjálfbjarga and is available on all streaming services.

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