AWAL & Icelandair Bring You ‘A World Artists Love’ Showcase

We’re excited to announce that AWAL and Icelandair have reached a partnership to support a showcase of amazing Icelandic, Nordic and UK artists at this year’s festival. 

AWAL’s partnership with Icelandair will include an “A World Artists Love” showcase at Iðnó on November 7 at 8pm and will feature performances from Millie Turner (UK), Joesef (UK), Yaeger (Sweden), Warmland (Iceland), Jóipé x Króli (Iceland) and more. During the festival, showcase artists will take over the Icelandair Instagram to provide behind-the-scenes access to the festival and performances.

Alison Donald, head of creative at Kobalt and AWAL, commented on the partnership, “As a festival that unites the international industry in an unparalleled setting, Iceland Airwaves provides an amazing opportunity for our growing global team and a number of AWAL artists to come together in Reykjavík and explore its vibrant music culture and beautiful landscape. Partnering with Icelandair is a great fit and I’m delighted for us to be working together.”

Also on November 8th at Airwaves Pro, the conference component of Iceland Airwaves, Donald will be interviewed in a fireside chat by Forbes senior contributor, Oisin Lunny, to discuss the state of music and what the future holds for songwriters and artists in a rapidly changing music industry.

Gísli S. Brynjólfsson, global marketing director, Icelandair noted, “As Iceland Airwaves turns 21 in 2019, Icelandair is like a proud parent standing in the wings – grateful for its progeny’s success, and humbly prepared to take a little credit for the festival it helped to create. It’s in the DNA of Iceland Airwaves to provide a stage for the discovery of new music talent, and the festival has become synonymous with Iceland’s renowned creativity.”

Will Larnach Jones, managing director for Iceland Airwaves, added, “Iceland Airwaves is excited for this great collaboration between Icelandair and AWAL. All three companies believe that music can change the world, and one another. Icelandair has helped fuel AWAL’s vision at Airwaves 2019, and we are looking forward to seeing these creative talents converge in Reykjavík this November.”

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