Björk Orkestral – Live from Reykjavík: SOLD OUT
Allt three live shows are sold out! Tickets still available to the live streams.

Ticket sales for three shows with Björk in Eldborg in August started last week and all three live shows have now sold out. Ticket holders are in for a treat in Reykjavík on August 9th, 15th and the 23rd. You can still purchase tickets for the live stream where 20% of proceeds will go to charity.



Each concert will be unique. The performances will act as a celebration of the Icelandic musicians that Björk has worked with over the years, with each concert finding the artist collaborate with over 100 Icelandic musicians, across three groups that have played a part within the creation of her discography and have toured with her around the globe.

The concerts will also be raising money and awareness for Kvennaathvarfið– a charity that supports women and immigrants of different origin within Iceland.

Sincere thanks for the warm reception!

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