Special Announcement – Daði Freyr!

We are very happy to announce that Iceland’s newest pop king will be playing at the festival: Daði Freyr!


After a short hibernation period, Iceland has opened its borders to foreign travelers and this means at Iceland Airwaves we can continue to plan the next edition of Iceland’s best festival (according to some very smart people at least).

Since performing at last year’s editionDaði has ‘broken the internet’ with a winning combination of musical earworms, viral dance routines, genius film clips and customised sweaters.
His omnipresent single “Think About Things” saw him set to be the sure-fire favourite for the 2020 Eurovision final that never was. While Eurovision was cancelled, Daði won the internet, sweeping up a groundswell of admirers worldwide, including Russell CroweJennifer GarnerP!nk and James Corden.
Following petitions to crown Daði this year’s default winner, he went on to win Eurostream 2020, the virtual Eurovision finals held by top Eurovision experts.
Savvy music obsessives also admired Daði’s pop precision, with Hot Chip (Airwaves alumni and one of Daði’s favourite bands) turning their hands to a killer rework of “Think About Things”. His latest track “Where We Wanna Be (his second single in English) is also proving to follow suit, dominating radio airwaves and viral charts worldwide.
With Daði’s European Tour this December next to sold out, where better to see him than at Iceland’s best music festival?
“I can’t wait to be performing again at my favourite music festival of all time,” states Daði. Though he’s attended for many times, and first performed in 2012, he maintains the magic still runs strong: “There is something special about Airwaves. Can’t wait to show you my new live set.” 

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