Daniel Verstappen

DV Productions organizes a special event on Wednesday, November 1st at Harpa, Reykjavik. You are more than welcome to join the concert at 7:30pm. RSVP by e-mail: management@danielverstappen.com link to the event: https://www.harpa.is/en/reconnection-world-tour-daniel-verstappen-ft.-marina-barskaya-+-korinn-hljomfelagid Immerse Yourself in an Immersive live Experience Experience the captivating world of music with Daniel Verstappen, an awarded Belgian-International pianist and composer, as he takes center stage at Harpa during his Reconnection World Tour 2023-2024. This extraordinary tour spans across continents, including Europe, the UK, Australia, and the US, featuring iconic venues like Carnegie Hall in New York and the Sydney Opera House. Live on stage, the versatile artist skilfully transforms his modern and neo-classical compositions into a mesmerizing journey. Joining him is Marina Barskaya, a distinguished viola soloist from the Brussels Philharmonic, bringing their own unique arrangements of renowned classical masterpieces to the performance. On top of that, he wants to connect with the culture of Iceland, for which he invites choir Hljómfélagið, to create a Bridge Between Cultures. Trained in the classical tradition, Daniel Verstappen has crafted his own musical identity, blending classical elegance with contemporary innovation. His performances resonate across diverse audiences, captivating both younger and older. Notably, he has shared the stage with world-famous artists, like Andrea Bocelli, Ennio Morricone, John Miles, and En Vogue during The Night of the Proms. A crowning achievement came when Daniel was given the honour of representing his country at the prestigious World Expo in Dubai, where he performed in the presence of the Belgian King and Queen. In a remarkable display of artistry, Daniel captured the ethereal Northern Lights while playing his piano amidst the winter landscapes of Sweden. Witness this breathtaking moment in his captivating music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTnlMocnCxw For a sneak peek into the concert’s grandeur, indulge in the evocative after movie from his performance in Sweden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lFrNB6JAQM Get ready to embark on a musical rollercoaster like no other.