Helga Waage

We’re building an event feed generator for apps and local media / interest sites, where we ingest events from a variety of sources, have AI sort the events into categories like Kid friendly, LGBTQ+ friendly, Events you can take your grandmother to etc. – in addition to the normal Standup, Concerts, Lectures etc. We used to run mobile ticketing for Ticketmaster and Live Nation and have a decade plus of ticketing experience and think we can help increase ticket sales by having people stumble upon events to go to while they are browsing other sites. Our event listings always link to the main ticketing sites for purchase. Here’s an example of our work, where we provide the feed showing where Icelandic artists are performing outside of Iceland for Iceland Music: https://www.icelandmusic.is/live and here is a feed showing events our system determines as Tourist Friendly in Iceland:
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Neither of these feeds require manual data entry from Iceland Music or WhatsOn.