Ina Neumayr

popup-records was founded in 2001 by Jan Köpke as a music label and promotion agency for the indie/tronic/alternative/pop music scene. Over time and several seismic changes within the music industry later, popup-records‘ team of eight is one of the leading PR agencies and label services in the independent music market in Germany, designing tailor-made PR campaigns in all media areas for independent artists and partners like Cooking Vinyl, Concord, Virgin, Nettwerk or The Orchard. popup’s artist roster has always been primarily international, e.g. by working on and building campaigns for Seed to Tree (Lux), Daniel Norgren (SE), Carnival Youth (LT), Jonas Alaska (Nor) or Wanda (AT), who have made their first steps on the German market together with popup. Currently, label partners and artists from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Israel, South Africa, but also domestic beacons such as Bernd Begemann and Rhonda form the “popup network”