Jørgen Avsnes

Jørgen works as a manager at Made Management in Bergen, Norway. Made represents some of Norway’s most prominent artists and producers, including AURORA and Sigrid. At least at first, he’s had an unlikely road into the music industry: working as a carpenter building houses in his hometown of Bergen. Chance would have it that Jørgen’s girlfriend was moving to London to finish her Bachelor’s in Film and TV, and he decided to join her, where he took a Bachelor’s in Music and Entertainment Industry Management at the University of Hertfordshire. He then went on to work at Decca Records, pitching AURORA to the label, which in turn led to him working at Made via Brak, a non-profit organization for the music industry in western Norway, and as a CEO of Buzz, an investment fund owned by Bergen County focussed on investing in local music companies. He now manages the following artists and producers: GKR, Bo Milli, dePresno, Fred Well, Myrotula, Askjell, Odd Martin, Sito, and Magnus Skylstad. I am looking for opportunities for GKR, who’s playing on Friday, and connections for sessions for all acts i represent.