Laura Jil Beyer

CEO & Head of Strategy @ LJB WORKS: Making brands go pop bang sizzle daaamn badabing rawrrr tschak boom. Creating strategies & visual concepts between advertising, art & activism. PR & Integrated Marketing Lead DACH @ Ben & Jerry’s: Shaping a strong voice for a deliciously chunky ice cream brand whilst tackling social change. Head of Comms & Finances / Collective Artistic Direction @ K*WERK: Networking to connect FLINTA* in the field of arts & culture. Curating K*WERK it: SHOW-OFF! art festival & conference. Off the record: My natural hair colour is a light pink. Whilst I do enjoy deejaying, the occasional noise-pop show and going on excruciatingly long bike rides, my main hobby is to smash the patriarchy and build a more fun & inclusive world for everyone. Super interested in all things brand strategy, creator & artist partnerships, building interdisciplinary & intersectional teams.