Lucas Henry

Hello all! I am an academic who is currently working on a book project for the University of Wisconsin Press, specifically focused on Iceland Airwaves as a meeting place for music industry workers. I would love to connect and speak with you about your work, and what draws you to this particular event. More about me: I am an ethnomusicologist who studies popular music and jazz in Europe, particularly in Scandinavia. My research generally involves musicians and music festivals in Europe, their engagement with the European Commission’s Creative Europe Program, the role of popular music in EU integration, and transatlantic networks of music production. In essence, I think and write about the transnational identities of popular music genres, and how this plays out in specific local contexts. Since 2017 I have conducted fieldwork at six Nordic music festivals in Sweden (Bråvalla, Way Out West), Denmark (Roskilde), Finland (Ruisrock), Norway (Slottsfjellfestivalen), and Iceland (Iceland Airwaves); popular music industry conferences in the Netherlands (Eurosonic) and Germany (Reeperbahn); and at the European Commission in Brussels. I am excited to add the Iceland Airwaves conference to this list! In addition to my research, I have previously worked as a member of the jazz studies faculty at Temple University, and as an instructor for the European Union Center at the University of Illinois. I am currently working as a professor at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, teaching courses on Scandinavian music, literature, culture, and politics in their Scandinavian Studies department.