Marianna Winter

Emerging Faroese/American soul-pop singer Marianna Winter is one of the few female artists currently pioneering the upcoming music scene in the Faroe Islands with her gritty, and sometimes lo-fi, yet catchy pop melodies. Born and partly raised between California and Tórshavn, she challenges her homeland’s musical and cultural status quo, adding an LA heat to the quintessential Nordic sound, thus offering a unique perspective into both cultures. Winter has performed at the biggest local festivals, such as G! Festival (FO). She performed in Copenhagen, at the venue RUST, and then a couple of months later at UHØRT Festival (DK). As well as performing smaller local shows in the Faroe Islands, Winter also made her debut in the UK with a performance at The Great Escape 2023 (UK) and is performing at this year’s Icelandic Airwaves 2023 (Thursday @ KEX 1. floor and Friday @ IÐNÓ) as well as Trondheim Calling (NO) in 2024. Marianna Winter is currently self-managed, but looking for management representation, as well as live-booking.