Marta Kosowska

I’m a multidisciplinary visual artist, a one-woman-band in a non-musical sense. Currently my main focus is graphic design, branding and visual storytelling for the Icelandic band Árstíðir. My background is in graphic design for consulting companies (PwC, Accenture) and big corporations (eg. Microsoft), as well as in designing assets for games. These are experiences that I’m now taking with me into the music industry. As graphic designer I do music cover art, posters and web design. I do branding, social media strategies, design thinking and music videos. My clients include Icelandic, Polish and Norwegian bands and projects. I also do tour managing on a regular basis. Burn The Witch by Margo is my brand for personal visual projects, but it’s beyond the scope of this conference ;) I’m looking forward to meeting professionals and creatives from the industry who seek innovative solutions, visual storytellers with a musical ear, and fellow women who are willing to share their success story!