Michał Kowalonek is a composer, lyricist, producer, and vocalist who has gained recognition through his work in various musical groups, including Myslovitz, Snowman, and Lumikulu. His musical versatility extends to creating soundtracks for films, theatrical performances, and radio dramas. This artist has had the opportunity to perform at concerts worldwide, in cities such as New York, Memphis, Chicago, London, Paris, and Berlin, sharing the stage with prominent artists like Ed Sheeran, Lenny Kravitz, Hozier, Karate, Archive, Franz Ferdinand, and Yann Tiersen. Michał Kowalonek replaced Artur Rojek in the band Myslovitz, where he collaborated with the band to work on the album “1577.” After concluding his partnership with Myslovitz, he continued his musical endeavors, releasing a solo album titled “O miłości w czasach Powstania” in 2019. His compositional skills found recognition in the world of film, as he composed the soundtrack for the movie “Heart Therapy,” directed by Anna Zoll, which won an award at the Nespresso Talent competition during the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. Additionally, Michał composed the soundtrack for the documentary film “Żelazny człowiek, dandys i diabeł rogaty,” directed by Aleksander Przybylski. His song “Nocne Całowanie” topped the charts of many radio stations and won acclaim from listeners. Michał Kowalonek was also a member of the Męskie Granie Orkiestra in 2017, and his rendition of the song “Śmierć w Bikini” was one of the singles promoting this project, which achieved Platinum status. Currently, the artist is on an endless concert tour under the banner “Michał Kowalonek – SuperSam.” Furthermore, he is working on a new album as part of the duo Kępiński>||< KOWALONEK plays LUCKY RECORDS (off-venue) on NOV 3rd (Friday), 17:40, Free Admission.