Mikko M. Koskinen

Mikko M. Koskinen is a sound designer and composer hailing from Turku, Finland. In addition to his work in sound design, he has been active as a music producer since 2009 and is involved in composing music for various mediums, including films, theater, and commercials. He is associated with the indie-rock group Yournalist and the dreampop project Dino Mansik. Mikko is also the owner of the record label, Drink Tonight. “I’ve been inspired by the Icelandic music scene for over twenty years and have finally had the opportunity to experience it firsthand. I’m eager to meet new people and explore potential new projects and collaborations for future opportunities. My goal for the year 2024 is to compose music for a movie, short film, or documentary. While my Icelandic vocabulary isn’t extensive at the moment, I can at least say: ‘ég prumpa.'”