Piotr Kalinski

Kanu Kanu is a Gdańsk-based record label, management and booking agency, home of many important Polish artists from the circle of ambient music, drone, free jazz, modern classical and dub-techno. Since 2009, Kanu Kanu has been releasing vinyl, CDs and strictly digital releases with minimalistic music from artists such as Hinode Tapes, Bartosz Kruczyński, Michał Wolski, Daniel Szlajnda, YAC or Echo_TM. Kanu Kanu’s booking and management catalogue includes Nanook of the North, JANKA, Hatti Vatti and Hinode Tapes. Looking for participation in festivals and one-shot concerts in Iceland (and other Nordic countries), distribution in local music stores, cooperation with local artists and labels from the field of ambient, dub-techno, contemporary music and jazz, contact with representatives of the licensing / synchronization / publishing industry.