Savannah Wellman

Savannah’s experiences in the music industry have seen her on both sides of the curtain. Her journey has included a degree in music, followed by years of performing and touring in various bands, and continued at Music BC as program manager for artist development initiatives for over 7 years. Along with co-founder Meagan Davidson, Savannah launched Tiny Kingdom in 2017 as an artist management and services company, representing clients including Skye Wallace, Haley Blais, Teon Gibbs and Jasper Sloan Yip. Their expansion into a label in 2020 saw Tiny Kingdom added to a very short list of female-owned labels in Canada, and their passion for supporting other women and gender minorities lead them to spearhead the Women In Music – BC chapter. Savannah’s musical and industry knowledge has been called upon as a panelist, consultant, juror, and board member for the MMF (Music Managers Forum Canada) and Women in Music Canada.