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Frequently Asked Questions

Iceland Airwaves and COVID-19

Information regarding Iceland and COVID-19 is changing regularly.

Please visit Iceland’s official COVID-19 site here for the most up-to-date information (updated most days).

For more information about travelling to Iceland please visit their page here.

Yes. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we are planning on preceding with Airwaves “in real life” this November. Be sure to sign up to the Airwaves newsletter for regular updates throughout the year. 

We work closely with the Icelandic authorities to monitor the situation on a regular basis. In the unlikely event that COVID-19 renders it physically impossible to produce the festival in November, we would look to move the festival dates unto such a time that it would be deemed safe. Tickets would be valid for the new dates, with an option window for refund should the new dates not suit. 

We have limited control over the rules pertaining to travel in / from your home country. We strongly recommend following the travel advice your home country gives you.

In the instance that there’s an outbreak in your home country, Iceland Airwaves is not responsible for this.

We strongly recommend all travellers have adequate insurance both for their trip and for their festival tickets. 


The schedule will be published about 1 month before the festival starts.

Please note there is always some last minute changes in the show schedule, and in such cases, we will try our best to announce them without delay.

lease follow us on social media and mailing list to keep up to date on line-up updates.  Please note that the line-up is subject to change at any time until the festival finishes.

Our socials are here:



Follow the hashtags #IcelandAirwaves and #Airwaves2021

Official venue shows start after 19:00 and finish at 02:00, depending upon the venue. Off-venue performances vary but finish between 19:00 and 19:30. On-venue performances vary but generally start between 19:00 and 19:30.

Yes. Sign up to our mailing list for more information.

Yes we will! We will announce more details soon.

Festival Ticket

It depends on the exchange rate at any given time, you can get an approximation using this website.

Tickets are non-refundable.

No. Please note that all performances are subject to change. There might be very last minute changes and we will try our best to announce them as soon as possible. It’s worth downloading the free Iceland Airwaves app to receive all the latest updates throughout the festival.

You can give away or sell your ticket as long as you don’t make a profit. You must change the name on the ticket before the 2021 festival begins on 3rd November. You should contact Tix to change the name and other profiles to those of new ticket holder. The new name on the ticket should match with the name on the photo ID when the new ticket holder collects their wristband (see ‘Festival Wristband Collection’).

No. Your ticket gives a festival wristband which allows you to attend any shows. No additional purchases or collections is required. Please note that all shows are subject to venue capacity: ticket does not guarantee access to any shows. We recommend arriving in good time for any shows that you really wish to see.

All shows are subject to venue capacity, once the venue is full no more people are allowed to enter for safety reasons. If you are worried about not getting in, you can increase your chances by purchasing an Airwaves Plus upgrade which includes access to an express queue. However, if the venue is full, the venue is full.

A limited amount of day passes might be available at a later date.


At various venues in downtown Reykjavík. The venues are all within walking distance of each other. The list of official venues, off-venues and on-venues will be made available later in the year.

If you are coming from abroad, it’s best to fly into Keflavík International Airport (KEF) and then take a shuttle coach, taxi, rental car or public transport (Strætó) to Reykjavík.

No, all the venues are indoors. 

Official venue hosts official performances for Iceland Airwaves. Official performances start from approximately 19:00 each night during the festival. The exact starting time depends on the venue. You must purchase a festival ticket in order to attend official performances.

Off-venues are the approved venues which host select performances by local artists during the day, up until 19:00. Off-venue shows are open to all, subject to each venue’s age limits and capacity.

All visiting international artists perform only at official venues. Select local acts perform at off-venues during the day and at official venues after 19:00. Official venue performances carry full production and staging, while off-venues show are often in acoustic or reduced mode. You need a wristband to attend official venue shows but you don’t need one for off-venue shows.

We cannot guarantee that all venues are accessible to disabled guests. The official festival showcases are held in many venues across downtown. The variances in size of these rooms ranges broadly and come in all shapes and sizes: some are purpose built and have ability-impaired access factored into their planning, others are traditionally used for other purposes. All the venues this year are within 2.5 kilometers of one another, with the bulk of the venues being within a couple of hundred meters of one another in downtown Reykjavík.


Our list of venues has specific access ability for ability-impaired guests. Our app will also carry a crowd indicator, giving guests notice of when shows are looking very busy / at capacity. For any specific questions regarding access for disabled guests please email info@icelandairwaves.is.

Age Limit

People of any age can purchase a ticket to the festival. However, Icelandic laws dictate that people under the age of 18 cannot be alone in public after 22.00. After that time they must be accompanied by a guardian. (Birth year is valid.) Furthermore, the venues that sell alcohol usually have either an 18 or 20 year old age limit. Guests under the age of 18 years old must enter with their parent, legal guardian, relatives or spouse that is 18 years old or older to access the official festival venues.

If you intend to bring any people under the age of 18, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and they must hold a valid ticket for the festival. Please note that each venue has their own age restriction which you must follow.

Wristband Collection

No, you can’t collect wristbands for other people. Every guest needs to come to our Accreditation to get a wristband fitted on their wrist by our staff.


Priority access to official showcase performances. Invitation to attend the Iceland Airwaves Pro Conference and Airwaves Plus areas.

Priority access to official showcase performances and access to Press Center and invitation to attend the Airwaves Pro conference. Press Passes are subject to festival approval.

Access to the official performance and the photo pit. Photo Passes are subject to approval.

You can access images from the official Iceland Airwaves Flickr account here. Please make sure to add credit photographers. No alteration except for cropping of images permitted.


We do not program the off-venue program, the off-venue venues do so. Please contact them directly.

Great! We will open up for applications soon, check this space.

Photography and short video for private use / social media is very welcome, but only with mobile phones and regular cameras – no professional cameras or lenses. Photos and videos are permitted for personal use, but any publication, whether it be online or offline, requires a photo pass. Photographers with professional SLR cameras and professional lenses, and also GoPros, require a photo pass: please read our Press section for more information.

  1. Download the app once it’s available.
  2. Listen to the Spotify playlist of all the artists.
  3. Discover the lineup on our website; you can filter by genre.
  4. Layers are your friend! Although the weather might be cold the venues can be steaming hot.
  5. Do not forget to pack a swimsuit! 
  6. Get pre-game alcohol at the duty free arrival store if you’re flying in. 

The average high temperature is 4 degrees Celsius (40 F), with the (average) highest temperature on November 1st, only reaching slightly above 5 degrees Celsius (41 F). The month ends with an average low of 3 degrees Celsius (38F). All concerts are held inside but we suggest you bring warm clothing for hopping between shows.

It varies greatly depending on what and when you book. You can look into hostels for affordable accommodation, or book an AirBnB downtown. We recommend CenterHotels for a great, affordable room (and discounts for Airwaves wristband holders).

No, selfie sticks are prohibited at any Iceland Airwaves venues.

Yes, you can bring only a small side bag. Backpacks are not allowed. All bags are subject to search at the entrance of all venues. We would recommend you not to bring any bags so you can speed up your entry to the venues without your bag being searched.  

There are 7 luggage storage places in and around Reykjavík. Visit Luggage Lockers to see their locations and charges.

All guests are subject a search by security staff at the venue entrances. Any items that can be used to cause harm or damage are not allowed; eg: knives, scissors, umbrellas, chairs and markers. Please note that we will not confiscate or store any banned items.  You must discard them yourself before entering the venue. Professional SLR cameras, GoPros and all recording devices (apart from mobile phones) are prohibited unless you have an official photo pass.


If you don’t follow the security policy, the security staff will have the right to ask you to leave the venue and possibly confiscate your festival wristband.

You are not allowed to smoke at any time at any of the venues except in designated smoking areas (if available). This includes electronic cigarettes. If you don’t follow the non-smoking policy, the security will have the right to ask you to leave the venue and possibly remove your festival wristband.

Reykjavík’s average temperature in November is high 5°C (41°F) and low 0°C (32°F). The weather would be cold, very changeable and often wet.  We would recommend you to wear a warm coat, ideally waterproof, or a waterproof outer coat on top, with layers of clothes underneath so you can take them off once you are inside the venues (where it can be very warm). 

Iceland offers world famous pure water, most of which comes from springs in the ground. The tap water is pure and tasty, completely safe wherever you go in the country.

There are restrooms in Reykjavík City Hall where our Accreditation is located. Harpa Concert Hall and hotels are always a good place to find toilets.

Alcohol which is stronger than 2.25% isn’t sold in the grocery shops in Iceland. You can buy alcohol at the Keflavík Airport Duty Free Shop on arrival (highly recommended) and at the state-owned liquor stores named Vínbúðin in Reykjavík. Note that Vínbúðin’s hours are pretty restrictive.

Credit cards can be used almost everywhere in Iceland so there’s no real need to have lots of cash (Icelandic Króna) at all.  

In Iceland we drive on the right hand side of the road, and you are also required by law to always keep the car‘s headlights on. Some good dos and don’ts about driving in Iceland can be found here. Want to hire a car? We recommend Hertz.

Emergency services and/or accident rooms are operated in hospital and healthcare centres.  The A&E unit for accidents, acute illness, poisoning and sexual assault is located at:

Landspítali University Hospital


Tel:  +354-543-200

112 is the single emergency number in Iceland, representing all the response parties to accidents, fire, crime, search, rescue and natural disasters on land, at sea, or in the air. If you’re venturing out into the countryside, you should always check weather and safety conditions at safetravel.is – which gives you all the up to the minute information.

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