Get to know stuff about Husky Loops

UK art-rockers Husky Loops are bringing their special brand of rock ‘n’ roll to Iceland Airwaves this year. But what how are their Icelandic skills? Find out below!


Do you remember your first festival experience?

Yes it was Truck Festival. We are Italian so not used to UK festivals, it was pretty special…we all dressed up elegant with our stage outfits and we got stuck in mud. Children were stuck in mud. Mums were stuck in mud. Our manager was stuck in mud. It was mud hell. DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE? A lot of people don’t… 🙂

What do like most about festivals?

Probably the feeling of the crowd, everyone is so gassed. It’s great human buzzing. I can tell you also what we hate (in the UK): All drinks are so expensive

Have you been to Reykjavik before? Do you have any local tips from friends?

We’ve never been and we can’t wait. Also can’t wait to see how our sound will be perceived by your people

What’s your best fall back song if you need to get the crowd moving?

I think all of our songs make people move or dance in a way, groove is pretty much our religion right now. It’s really up to us to create a connection with the crowd

Have you seen the Northern Lights before?

No.. and we can’t wait for that either. Wow!



Do you have any pre-show rituals?

We whip each other with wet towels. It really hurts.

Where’s been your favourite place to tour and why?

We don’t have a favourite place, we simply love touring. It’s corny, but it’s the truth. We can’t rate an experience.

Do you know any Icelandic phrases?

Við gerum það ekki, en ef við notum google þýðingu kannski mun allt vera suddendly frábært?

Who’s your favourite Icelandic musical act and why?

Sorry to be corny again but… Björk. And the reason why is in the name: Björk.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Iceland Airwaves?

Our mates Superorganism, cause we played 2 festivals together this summer but we keep missing each other. Hopefully it won’t happen this time…we love their set.


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