get to know: jockstrap

Jockstrap is the duo of 20-year-olds Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye. Despite being a very new project they’re already building up quite the buzz. We asked them a few questions about their music and their trip to Iceland in November.

Do you remember your first festival experience?

Yes! I spent my first festival playing with these LED glowing Poi I had purchased from the Firetoys stall. I was very young. They were so cool.

What do you like most about festivals? 

I like the way you feel when you’re at a festival, its great.

Have you been to Reykjavik before? Do you have any local tips from friends?

No! I’m very excited. My dad tells me there won’t be more than 6 hours of light in the day. May bring a torch.

What’s your best fall back song if you need to get the crowd moving?

Tilyausnes Gim Emit by Kobrj. She’s a good friend that we’ll hopefully see at the festival!

Have you seen the Northern Lights before?

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Rituals? Yes, they’re great!

Where’s been your favourite place to tour and why?

Germany. Fun fun fun on the autobahn.

Do you know any Icelandic phrases?

No but I can’t wait to learn some at Airwaves!

Who’s your favourite Icelandic musical act and why?

Bjork….she’s so weird, and so cool

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Iceland Airwaves?

We’re most looking forward to watching back the video footage of our set. There will be cameras… right?


Get tickets to Iceland Airwaves here.

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