Happy holidays?

Here at Iceland Airwaves, we are not in the business of spreading joy or the Christmas spirit; no, we are here to terrify you, because that’s the Icelandic thing to do!

Did you know that a lump of coal from Santa is not the worst punishment children are threatened with in Iceland? Nope, they are told that Grýla (a giantess who lives in the mountains) will throw them in a bag, drag them back to her cave and make them into a tasty stew.

Grýla has at least three baby daddies, one of them being the incredibly lazy Leppalúði, who fathered 13 boys with her, and those 13 boys grew up to become the Icelandic Santas.

Here are some pictures we found of her online*:

Artist: Unknown

Like most of us (all of us) Grýla is a fan of cats, and her cat (Jólakötturinn – the Christmas Cat) happens to be as much of an asshole as she is. The cat is also a giant and it lurks about, waiting for humans of all ages to eat, unless they get new clothes before Christmas. What a jerk.

Artist: Unknown

This is all 100% true.

Also true: super early bird tickets are almost sold out and won’t be available much longer.

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Iceland Airwaves 2020 takes place Nov 4 -7 in Reykjavik. What are you waiting for?


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