IA x Landsbankinn Warmup Event

Festival sponsor Landsbankinn are hosting a warm up event in Reykjavík Wednesday June 19th.

The next announcement is coming your way this Wednesday and to add to the fun, Landsbankinn are launching a new video by Krassasig and hosting a concert. This is the first in the fantastic Iceland Airwaves x Landsbankinn video series which have become an important part of the festival.

Krassasig is the artist name of one Kristinn Arnar Sigurðsson. “Brjóta heilann” is his solo debut. However he is well known in the underground scene in Iceland through many buzzed about projects such as Munstur. Each one of their songs have been stuck in our heads and are always accompanied by fresh, original and captivating music videos. While Munstur goes on hiatus, Krassasig will take their place for now. This summer will see the release of an EP and a string of exciting live performances as well as a performance at Iceland Airwaves 2019.

The event will take place at Hard Rock Café and you can see the event details here.

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