iceland airwaves teams up with druslugangan

A recent British study found that 43% of female festival goers have experienced sexual harassment or abuse. That is 43% too many.

Iceland Airwaves has teamed up with Druslugangan (Reykjavík Slut Walk). The cooperation includes inviting Hrönn Stefánsdóttir, nurse and head of emergency services for victims of sexual abuse to brief all security personnel at the festival about how to handle reports of sexual violence and abuse. All official venues are clearly marked, notifying guests to let staff know if they experience or see any unwanted behavior. There will also be a panel where we’ll discuss what promoters can do to make concerts and live music events safer spaces for concert goers.

Guests of Iceland Airwaves are strongly encouraged to let security personnel know if they see or experience behavior that is not okay. Guests have the right to have fun, wear whatever they want, drink whatever they want without being harassed or abused.



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