‘Live from Reykjavík’: Emilíana Torrini and Friends
Emilíana Torrini, one of Iceland’s most treasured singer songwriters, is at the center of a special performance, exclusive to Live From Reykjavík.
‘Emilíana and Friends’ is a musical meeting between five singer songwriters, all well-known in and outside of Iceland. They’ll join in on each other’s songs in an intimate set, sat in a close circle in one of Reykjavík’s most beautiful recording studios.

Emiliana’s friends are: Marketa Irglova, famous for the film ‘Once’ which won her an Oscar for the song ‘Falling Slowly’. Icelandic Pétur Ben, known for his sharp lyrics and sublime guitar playing. Helgi Jónsson, Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, known for his ethereal and limitless vocals and Tina Dickow, one of the biggest singer/songwriters in her native Denmark.

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