brand new iceland airwaves music

Here’s a handful of this years performers and their brand spanking new content for New Music Friday listings.



Sweet and sensual sounds of Auður, his new album AFSAKANIR features various collabs with many of this years Airwaves performs such as Birnir, GDRN, CLUBDUB and GKR.




One of the best DJ’s in Iceland, SURA is making her solo debut album release this festival season. Tíminn is a collection of hypnotic tracks; her vibrant vocals and pop induced beats will keep you on your toes.



Joey Christ

New single “Helgarfrí” featuring singer-songwriter Jón Jónsson is a slower track than we’ve heard from Joey Christ but still more than easy enough to dance to.




Enchanting vocals and ethereal instrumentation, Special-K’s EP Diet Breakfast  is a dreamy ensemble. Perfectly capturing what a liminal space feels like though sound, she’s redefining the genre of shoegaze.



Dj. flugvél og geimskip

If you’re familiar with the aesthetic of dj. flugvél og geimskip, you’ll know it’s not out of the ordinary to release a song though a video game. Fun and quirky is what she’s all about. This one is a secret and you’ll have to discover it yourself! Play the game here.



“Carousel” featuring Steinar is Bríet’s newest single. A raw and minimal track, she doesn’t need fancy production or multiple instruments to highlight her angelic vocals in this one.



Máni Orrason

Textures and tones building up to a momentum of triumph; wunderkind, Máni Orrason’s newest song “Picture I Recall” is going to quickly become a crowd pleasing banger.



bagdad brothers

Twangy guitar and harmonious charm, the new bagdad brothers single “Brian Eno Says : Quit Your Job” exudes pop-punk surf vibes. Bouncy and fun, this one will keep you dancing.



See all these amazing artists live at Iceland Airwaves 2018.


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