Off-Venue schedule now live.

The Off-Venue day program is finally here.

This is your best chance to see bands that are not playing in the official festival program, bands that are playing the festival when you’re doing something else, or just bands in general because music is great.

Access to the Off-Venue shows is completely free, open for all ages (we even have a preschool as an Off-Venue) and during the day so as long as you don’t have a pesky day job you have no excuse not to come by. 

The schedule finishes at 19:00, that’s when the Official and On-venue schedule starts and you need a ticket for those, so if you don’t have one  you can buy a festival pass or day pass right now.



To see the full schedule (Official, On and Off) you can either check out our website or get the app. Also note Off-Venues are offering a discount on food & drink to Airwaves wristband holders so come early, grab a meal, a drink, or whatever, and stay late (until 19:00 latest).


Pic: Florian Trykowski

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