Official and on venues announced.

From churches to concert halls – venues for Iceland Airwaves 2019 have been announced.

We’ve officially launched our venue page which has all kinds of handy information about the Airwaves 2019 venues.

This year we have three categories: official venues, on venues and off venues.

Official venues are programmed by Iceland Airwaves. The program starts in the evening and you need a wristband to enter. This year we welcome Kex Hostel as an official Iceland Airwaves venue for 2019. The hostel has been an important part of the festival for years and we’re very happy to count it among the official venues this year

On venues are an exciting new additional to Iceland Airwaves. They are programmed by the venues themselves and they operate with a program that can run both during the day and in the evenings. You also need a wristband to enter the on venues. This year the on venues are Dillon and new additions Miami Bar and Kornhlaðan.

Off venues operate during the day and do not require a wristband to enter. Full list of off venues will be announced at a later date.

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