On-venue Schedule now LIVE - Iceland Airwaves

On-venue Schedule now LIVE

Here at Iceland Airwaves – we like to do things a little different. Skipping lunch for a family sized packet of Sport Lakkris, burning the candle in the middle as well as both ends, generally going for it (or as we say here in the IA office: Berjast!).

So On-Venues are joining us this year. 

Friends of Airwaves, they make their own fine program of great music to enhance your Airwaves experience.

Let’s break it down.

What is an Official Venue?

What is an On-Venue?

What is an Off-Venue?

So WHO exactly are the On-Venues?

Dillon Whiskey Bar

Old Airwaves buddies, this year Dillon moves from being an Off-Venue to an On-Venue with a fantastic and varied, jam packed line up throughout the week.


This venue is a real hidden gem, and a great addition to the Airwaves family. Tucked under the eaves of a roof, right in the center of town, we can’t believe we haven’t come across it before this year. 


Think Miami in the 80s, but in Reykjavik. Super instaworthy cocktail bar running a Silent Disco and drinks specials to give your Airwaves experience another twist.




Life is more fun with an Iceland Airwaves ticket. What are you waiting for?



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