Njörður Sigurjónsson

Njörður Sigurjónsson Ph.D. is Professor of Cultural Management at Bifröst University in Iceland. His main research areas are cultural management, policy, and sound culture. Njörður wrote his thesis, Variation on the Act of Listening, on the changing forms of orchestra concerts but before his life academia he worked as a marketing director for the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, managing director of the Icelandic Literature Fund, and as stage manager at the Icelandic Opera. Njörður has taught numerous courses on cultural management, organization studies and cultural theory, and has given lectures and seminars in China, Europe and the USA. Selected recent reserch papers and bookchapters include “The Effect of COVID-19 on Cultural Funding and Policy in Iceland“ (2022), “The Political-Aesthetics of Participation“ (2021), ““Dad, you are a YouTuber!” A Case for Absence, Silence and Variance in Higher Education Online Video Lecturing“ (2021), “The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Music Management” (2020) “Silence in Cultural Management“ (2018), and “Experience Leadership: Lessons From John Dewey” (2018).