eee gee

Denmark Folk Indie Pop Singer-songwriter

The Danish singer and songwriter eee gee, whose real name is Emma Grankvist, faced rejection from the Danish music conservatory six times before making her debut in 2021 with the single ‘Favourite Lover’ through the Australian indie label Future Classic. The song quickly became a massive hit on Danish hit radio P3 and marked the beginning of a series of well-written songs, critically acclaimed concerts, and impressive performances at national TV shows like The Big Christmas Show and The Crown Prince Couple’s Award. In February 2022, her debut album ‘Winning’ was released, receiving massive praise from Soundvenue, Politiken, GAFFA, and Berlingske, solidifying its position as one of the best albums of the year. International attention has been focused on eee gee and her unique songwriting talent as well, with The Guardian, Clash magazine, Rolling Stone UK, BBC6 and Spotify EQUAL acknowledging her as a rare talent in her field. 2023 was also busy including 12 international festival shows, ranging from Lollapalooza in Berlin to The Great Escape in the UK. Simultaneously, eee gee had a busy Danish festival season, performing at both Roskilde Festival and Smukfest for the second consecutive year. With the release of her second album, SHE-REX, on September 1st, there was naturally much at stake. However, the album received five- and six-star reviews, solid radio support, ambitious streaming numbers, and an announced international tour, confirming what debut album ‘Winning’ hinted: eee gee is a flagbearer for elegant pop music with a deep human touch.