Find information about tickets, accreditation, accessibility, lineup and more. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please e-mail us at info@icelandairwaves.is.

Iceland Airwaves is a multi-venue multi-genre festival that takes place all over downtown Reykjavík, Iceland. All the venues are indoors and within walking distance of one another. 

Iceland Airwaves shines a light on new talent, and is the place where you can discover new music, see your favorite artist play, and enjoy a unique festival experience within the backdrop of Iceland’s nature and Reykjavík’s renowned cultural atmosphere. 



Our festival ticket provider is Tix, please contact them directly for any ticket related questions.

You can give away or sell your ticket as long as you don’t make a profit. You should contact Tix to change the name and other profiles to those of new ticket holder. The new name on the ticket should match with the name on the photo ID when the new ticket holder collects their wristband (see ‘Festival Wristband Collection’).

It depends on the exchange rate at any given time, you can get an approximation using this website.

No. Please note that all performances are subject to change. There might be very last minute changes and we will try our best to announce them as soon as possible. 

All shows are subject to venue capacity, once the venue is full no more people are allowed to enter for safety reasons. If you are worried about not getting in, you can increase your chances by purchasing an Airwaves Plus upgrade which includes access to an express queue. However, if the venue is full, the venue is full.

Yes, once they go on sale you can buy a day pass.

Please contact Tix.

The Airwaves Plus upgrade is first and foremost an upgrade that gives you priority access to venues.

Some of our partners offer extra discounts on things like airport transfer and food/drink, more details will be released closer to the festival. 

In order to access the official program you must have a festival pass or day pass. 


Wristband collection

Please come to our Accreditation during opening hours. More information here.

Please bring; 

1) Festival ticket and 

2) Photo ID (for example: passport or driver’s licence). 

Your festival ticket needs to show your own name which matches the name on your photo ID. If you fail to present either of your festival ticket and photo ID, or if the name on the ticket fails to match the name on your ID, you will not be able to collect your wristband.

No, you can’t collect wristbands for other people. Every guest needs to come to our Accreditation to get a wristband fitted on their wrist.

The ticketholder must be present with the entire group and present ID in order to get all passes. If you need to pick them up separately please e-mail info@tix.is and get the name changed.



A few weeks before the festival begins. Follow us on social media and sign up to the newsletter to get all the latest news.

Please follow us on social media and mailing list to keep up to date on line-up updates.  Please note that the line-up is subject to change at any time until the festival finishes.

Our socials are here:

You can sign up to the mailing list here: https://icelandairwaves.is/newsletter/

Please follow us on social media and newsletter for updates.

Official venue shows start after 19:00 and finish at 02:00, depending upon the venue. Off-venue performances vary but finish between 19:00 and 19:30. 

No there will not be a native app for the 2022 edition.


At the festival

All shows are subject to venue capacity, once the venue is full no more people are allowed to enter for safety reasons. If you are worried about not getting in, you can increase your chances by purchasing an Airwaves Plus upgrade which includes access to an express queue. However, if the venue is full, the venue is full.

At various venues in downtown Reykjavík. The venues are all within walking distance of each other. The list of official venues, off-venues and other venues will be made available later in the year.

If you are coming from abroad, it’s best to fly into Keflavík International Airport (KEF) and then take a shuttle coach, taxi, rental car or public transport (Strætó) to Reykjavík.

No, all the venues are indoors. 

Official venue hosts official performances for Iceland Airwaves. Official performances start from approximately 19:00 each night during the festival. The exact starting time depends on the venue. You must purchase a festival ticket in order to attend official performances.

Off-venues are the approved venues which host select performances by local artists during the day, up until 19:00. Off-venue shows are open to all, subject to each venue’s age limits and capacity.

All visiting international artists perform only at official venues. Select local acts perform at off-venues during the day and at official venues after 19:00. Official venue performances carry full production and staging, while off-venues show are often in acoustic or reduced mode. You need a wristband to attend official venue shows but you don’t need one for off-venue shows.

We cannot guarantee that all venues are accessible to disabled guests. The official festival showcases are held in many venues across downtown. The variances in size of these rooms ranges broadly and come in all shapes and sizes: some are purpose built and have ability-impaired access factored into their planning, others are traditionally used for other purposes. All the venues this year are within 2.5 kilometers of one another, with the bulk of the venues being within a couple of hundred meters of one another in downtown Reykjavík.

For any specific questions regarding access for disabled guests please email info@icelandairwaves.is.

People of any age can purchase a ticket to the festival. However, Icelandic laws dictate that people under the age of 18 cannot be alone in public after 22.00. After that time they must be accompanied by a guardian. (Birth year is valid.) Furthermore, the venues that sell alcohol usually have either an 18 or 20 year old age limit. Guests under the age of 18 years old must enter with their parent, legal guardian, relatives or spouse that is 18 years old or older to access the official festival venues.

No they are strictly prohibited unless you have a photo pass.

No they are strictly prohibited.

If you intend to bring any people under the age of 18, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and they must hold a valid ticket for the festival. Please note that each venue has their own age restriction which you must follow.

Please note that each venue has their own age restriction which you must follow. We don’t advise you bring young children to the festival.

It’s impossible to predict.  Get an Airwaves Plus upgrade and arrive as early as you can.


Industry and press

You can see a list of what’s included on the conference website.

Priority access to official showcase performances. Press Passes are subject to festival approval.

No you must register for the conference to attend. If you have been approved for a press pass and would like to attend the conference, please contact us.

Access to the official performance and the photo pit. Photo Passes are subject to approval.

Accredited media only.

We’ll answer all applications as soon as  possible. If you’re pressed for time you can e-mail us at info@icelandairwaves.is.

You can access images from the official Iceland Airwaves Flickr account here. Please make sure to add credit photographers. No alteration except for cropping of images permitted.



Usually the first weekend of November.

You can apply to play on our website under “Get Involved”

You can apply to volunteer here.

Please e-mail volunteers@icelandairwaves.is

Please follow our social media and subscribe to our newsletter for updates.


Once we announce venues for the year we will include information about accessibility for each participating venue. We aim to work with wheelchair friendly venues first and foremost.

Venues confirmed so far:

  • Art Museum – Good Accessibility
  • Gamla bíó – Good Accessibility
  • Iðnó – Good Accessibility
  • Fríkirkjan- Good Accessibility
  • Gaukurinn – Limited Accessibility (stairs at entrance)
  • Húrra – Good Accessibility