Iceland Indie Pop Singer-songwriter

K.óla (IS) is the solo project of Katrín Helga Ólafsdóttir. She has been performing under that name since 2017, both with a live band and solo. She has written pop-songs and made music for short films and theater, sewn books, made a piece for the Icelandic symphony orchesta and animated music videos. She has also made more contemporary classical pieces including both instruments and non musical objects such as a runner on a treadmill and glasses.
Now she mainly focuses on making, playing and releasing her alternative pop-music. She plays the electric bass or guitar and sings playful melodies in English or Icelandic.
She has a large spectrum of songs that she can be seen perform with a band or solo with playback and a simple choreography.
K.óla’s music includes simple yet playful melodies with honest but sometimes quirky lyrics. Her colourful vision can be seen in some of her music videos and a strong visual identity has been a part of her artistic output, with sometimes cartoon-like features such as masks and costumes, like a blue plastic dress.
Her album ‘Allt verður alltílæ’, (2019) won the Kraumur awards and was nominated for the album of the year (pop) in the Icelandic Music Awards.
She was active in the grassroot music scene in Iceland as a part of the art-collective ‘post-dreifing’ since 2018 but since 2022 she has lived and worked in Copenhagen.