Lithuania Electronic

Migluma, an electronic music composer, producer, and vocalist from Vilnius, Lithuania, fuses ethereal soundscapes, choral harmonies, and Lithuanian folklore into her avant-pop creations.
Rooted in electronic music studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, and influenced by an Iceland University of the Arts exchange program, she crafted her debut EP, “Nebula,” amidst Iceland’s landscapes, offering a cinematic sonic journey into the intricacies of the universe.
Her upcoming EP, “Moth,” set for March 2024, explores vocal manipulation with her three-octave range, creating a sophisticated sonic palette inspired by Lithuanian folk, jazz, and experimental pop.
Pulsating with contemporary club culture, Migluma’s music is an emotional and unconventional exploration of sonic realms. In every composition, she shares a piece of her musical identity—an intimate conversation with the audience, a sonic dialogue that goes beyond notes and resonates with personal experiences.