23 fresh acts added to 2022 lineup

Altın Gün · BSÍ · Ensími · GRÓA · JóiPé · KUSK · Laufey · Luca Fogale · lùisa · Nation of Language · Ólafur Kram · Pale Moon · Possimiste · Röyksopp (DJ set) · russian.girls · sameheads · Skoffín · snny · sóley · Sucks to be you, Nigel · Sycamore Tree · Yot Club

We are pumped to have the amazing Röyksopp play a DJ set at Iceland Airwaves, so now is the time to polish your dancing shoes, or buy some glitter slip ons for your hiking boots if you’re the outdoorsy type.

Amsterdam-based Anatolian rock and turkish psychedelic folk band, Altın Gün will perform, a special treat for everyone that likes their flavor of music with a hint of pizazz.

Tiktok scrollers will be happy to see their feed come to life with Yot Club who had a viral hit YKWIM? on the platform a few months back.

From the land of ice and fiery hot lava we have the winners of the Icelandic battle of the bands; KUSK and sameheads, in addition to Icelandic jazz superstar Laufey and indie queen of Iceland sóley.