International Artist Application

Applications are now open for showcase performances at Iceland Airwaves 2024.

The application processing fee is USD €39. Please note this fee is non-refundable. Icelandic artists please apply here.

The deadline for international bands to apply for Iceland Airwaves 2024 is June 1st, 2024 at 23:59 GMT. The form will be closed sooner if all showcase slots are filled.

All artists will receive an answer before June 15th 2024. We cannot guarantee an answer before this time. 

International application questions:

1. What kind of artists/music are you looking for?

Iceland Airwaves aims for acts who we feel will have a good chance of successful outcomes from their performance (good attendance to their show, good media and industry interest). If we feel there is a higher likelihood that an artist can get something out of showcasing at Airwaves, we may gravitate to them first. We do receive some applications from new talent that while very good, are not always relevant to the audience and market. In those cases, it’s less easy to justify putting those artists on the line-up. We aim for a balanced mix of artists and genres across the festival. We do have to consider that ultimately, the line-up needs to be one that audiences are going to want to see.

2. How do you make your selection?

Various team members listen to all the applications, assess the other materials put forward, and shortlist before collectively make decisions on a band’s suitability. It’s a complex process that takes substantial time and planning to put together. In addition to the quality of the music, we look favourably on artists who demonstrate initiative and a solid plan for the future, who tour and release music regularly. Social media numbers, streams and press are not everything in the equation, but if they are positive they may make some difference to how we view an application. On some occasions things just leap out at us

3. Will I receive feedback on my application?

Because of the variables involved in our decision making process, we are unable to enter into explanations or justifications as to why some artists have found their way onto the showcase and others have not

Any other FAQs about the festival can be found at our FAQ Page

Please note that Iceland Airwaves does not provide travel, accommodation or financial payments to showcase artists. Iceland Airwaves will provide a house FOH, festival PA & Lights and shared festival backline (Drums, no cymbals, 2x guitar amps, bass amp and keyboard stand). If you wish to rent extra backline we can connect you to our local vendor to get a preferred festival rate.

Application for 2024