3 more artists added + Trúnó with Sigur Rós

3 more artists added

Local legend Bríet, Academy Award and British Academy Film Award winner Hauschka, and experimental ambient musician Kira Kira have now joined the 2023 lineup.

Bríet is one of Iceland’s local pop legends and started out performing at our off venue concerts when she was 15. She’s praised for her lyrical talent, and 8 songs from her album made it to Spotify’s Top Ten list for Iceland. We can’t wait to welcome her back to our official stage.

Hauschka is best known for his piano compositions. He won an Academy Award and a British Academy Film Award for his work on ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’. His catalog now includes almost 50 film and TV scores. Hauschka will play an intimate show in Gamla Bíó during Iceland Airwaves.

Kira Kira founded music collective/label Kitchen Motors alongside composer Johann Johannsson and guitarist Hilmar Jensson in 1999, and spearheaded a handful of Icelandic artists including múm, Skuli Sverrisson and Hildur Gudnadottir.

Trúnó with Sigur Rós

„Trúnó” is the term Icelanders use when taking someone aside and asking them the questions you’ve had buzzing through our mind. Usually the spark of a trúnó is a few beers and an informal setting, so what better time than on a festival Friday afternoon to drag these two onto a stage and ask them about the band that has shaped Icelandic music as we know it today?

Bergur Ebbi, Icelandic speaker, comedian and a writer of books, poetry, stage plays, television shows and more will moderate the talk which takes place as the last cherry-on-the-cake event of our already stellar conference lineup.