Join the fun

Here are all the fun ways you can get involved with Iceland Airwaves.


Looking for a rewarding experience at Iceland’s coolest festival? Volunteering at Iceland Airwaves is a great way to discover a whole new side to music festivals. You make new friends from all around the world, learn new skills, create memories for a lifetime and most of all have a great time doing it!

Play at Airwaves

If you would like to be considered as an Iceland Airwaves artist you can apply right here on the website. Applications are open and all applications are considered carefully. The deadline to apply is June 15th 2023, but the earlier you apply the more slots are available so we encourage you to apply early. 

Partner event

Make your event a part of Airwaves! All you have to do is give our wristband holders at least priority and/or discount, but you can also choose to do an event exclusively for our guests. The event can be anything from a concert, a fashion show, a vinyl market, DJ night or whatever fun and creative event you can think of. If you would like to participate, contact us today and tell us about your event. If accepted, we will promote your event on our website, in our app, newsletter and social media.


Off-venues are the approved venues which host select performances by local artists during the day, up until 19:00. They are usually smaller than the offical venues and mostly host bands that are not part of the official line-up. Off-venue shows are open to all, subject to each venue’s age limits and capacity. These venues handle their own production and programming. They pay a nominal fee to Iceland Airwaves and we promote the venues in our schedule. Wristband holders get a 10% discount at the bar and Plus upgrades give 20% discount.

Want an off-venue of your very own? 

Partner Venue

If you want to host your own mini festival during Iceland Airwaves in your venue, for the Iceland Airwaves guests, this option is for you. You program your own schedule, book your own bands, commit to only allowing access to wristband holders and reap all the benefits of being part of Iceland Airwaves. There are loads of opportunities to showcase your favorite acts and create a wonderful experience for music lovers from all over the world. Interested?

IA Recommends

IA Recommends is a great way for you to promote your brand to the Iceland Airwaves audience via the Iceland Airwaves channels. Iceland Airwaves is a globally respected brand with more than 5,000 international visitors each year from over 50 countries.

If you run a business that we like and are happy to recommend to our festival guests, you are invited to participate in the IA Recommends Program.