3 special events added

After adding over 100 events to our schedule yesterday, we’re ready to share with you even more events that you can add to your calendar during Airwaves week.

Högni invites you to his new multimedia art show, Alda Music/Ingrooves invite you to a pre-party at Art Museum with three amazing Icelandic artists and INNI invites you to a showcase concert and scent experience at Iðnó.


On November 2nd, Icelandic publisher & label INNI celebrate their 3rd Birthday with a full night of music from friends and family of the company. Expect scent, choir, installations, and some of the most innovative artists in Icelandic music.


The Orator is a new multimedia piece by Högni Egilsson (singer, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist known for his work with Hjaltalín, Gusgus and solo) and KarlssonWilker design studio in New York. The piece will premiere in Hafnartorg Gallery on November 4th.
Taking cues from ancient theatre and ritual ceremonies, The Orator is a contemporary mythical tragedy – the tragic event being climate change. We observe a chorus of eight wailing, wolf-like figures following the lead of an orating cello “through dark times and temporary havens towards the conclusion of our dying world,” as Högni describes it.
Dione Lee from karlssonwilker describes The Orator as the story of a changing landscape through moving colors and shapes that react to the music. “Like our ecosystem, everything is related to everything else.”
Mutual trust between the two parties has been the key takeaway for everyone. “It’s very collaborative, and it’s going to be very good. It’s exciting working with an artist who trusts you fully–and vice versa,” says Hjalti Karlsson, co-founder of karlssonwilker.
Hafnartorg Gallery is a new multi-purpose cultural and lifestyle space in downtown Reykjavík adorned with eight digital screens that form a sort of digital art gallery. The Orator is the first in a series of pieces to be performed/displayed in the gallery over the coming months and years. The venue is offering 30% off drinks for IA wristband holders.


Ingrooves and Alda Music invite you to a pre-party at Art Museum on Friday, Nov 4th at 18:30. The party is open to all wristband holders but capacity is limited so be sure to arrive early to gain entrance. Airwaves Plus wristband holders will have priority at the door.

Tito’s and Krombacher will offer a 2-for-1 at the bar, and three amazing artists will perform:


The party will end at 20:00 when doors open to the offical evening program at the venue. A great way to warm up for the evening’s festivities, skál!