Bear the Ant

Iceland Indie Pop Rock

BEAR THE ANT was born in the dark winter solstice of Iceland during a global pandemic, and their melancholic balance between depression and hope reflects that perfectly.
The psychedelic, soul, pop/rock duo of Björn Oli Hardarson and David Antonsson has taken the Icelandic music scene by storm since their inception. The debut EP, Unconscious, immediately received notoriety for its ambitious soundscapes, along with the melodic nature of the tracks and unique music videos.
Two of the songs reached No. 1 on Icelandic radio station X977’s rock and alternative charts.

Even though they write and produce everything as a duo, they play live with a band filled with some of the most prominent players in the Icelandic music scene, emerging in a lively performance with improvisational chapters and often a jazzy, loose feel.