Klemens Hannigan

Iceland Indie Pop Rock

Klemens Hannigan is a British Icelandic music composer, performer, artist, and carpenter based in Reykjavik. He is mostly known for his work with award-winning multimedia techno performance art project HATARI, where he composes and performs music, along with art direction of the project. HATARI gained worldwide recognition in 2019 with a highly controversial performance on international television, where John Oliver said “Magnificent” Hatari Are Better Informed Than Trump.

In February of ‘24, Klemens released his first solo album ‘Low Light’, cultivating his musical and songwriting talents and exploring new styles and genres. On the album Klemens collaborated with musician/producer Leifur Björns (Cheek Mountain Thief, Low Roar) and producer Howie B (U2, Massive Attack, Björk, Tricky).